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Since 2006 Web Profits has been helping online businesses maximise their ROI with high converting SEO strategies.

Choosing the right SEO company can be tricky

Indeed there’s not a day that goes by when a new SEO company arrives on the scene promising you the world – and a number 1 spot in the rankings And the worst thing is, every single one of these companies is telling you something different, leaving you confused about what exactly you need to do to rank at the top of Google.

That’s why at Web Profits we like to approach things a little differently.

We won't tell you what you need to do to get to the top of Google. Instead, we'll discuss your marketing goals with you and then conduct an audit of your current SEO practices before recommending the most effective strategy for your business.

Why an SEO Audit you may ask?

Well it’s a good question. And one we get asked a lot. The fact is every market is different. Every website is different. Every keyword is different. And Google ranks website for different keywords in different ways.

With an SEO Audit we can identify in minute detail, what your competition has done to achieve their top ranking. We’ll start by looking at every page of your site, and then analyse each of your backlinks individually, so we can compare your site against theirs. From there, we can tailor a strategy which will ensure you outrank your competitors as quickly as possible.

There’s more to it than just ranking highly

The first thing that businesses tend to be concerned about when they hear the phrase SEO is achieving top rankings for a few keywords. And while that's one component of SEO, there’s so much more to the art of effective optimization.

Put simply, SEO is about conversions – that’s the number of leads or sales you generate as a return on your investment. There's no point ranking at the top of Google if you're not making anything as a result. That's why every strategy we develop is about one thing and one thing only... maximising the number of leads or sales you achieve from your SEO.

We give you complete

It’s important that you’re completely across the SEO performance of your website. So we’ll report on every action we take for you, and share with you every link we build for you. You’ll also get access to our proprietary online marketing dashboard, where you can see your SEO ranking, traffic and conversion performance.

We know that many of the clients we work with will have been 'burnt' by SEO companies in the past and we do everything we can to give you every confidence in working with us, while ensuring that your website ranks at the top of Google -- and remains there for a long time.

"Web Profits are our fourth or fifth SEO company. We put Web Profits on trial against another company. It was a 3-month trial. Within 2 weeks...the results we got from Web Profits were just incredible."

Jack Singleton Chairman, 1300 Flowers

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